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Hello! My name is Jacqueline, some call me Jacqui, and I am a licensed massage practitioner and health & wellness coach. The  topic of healthy living, and healing the mind and body via natural ways, has been an interest of mine for a very long time. I remember at the age of 13, deciding to cut out soda and refined sugar out of my diet, because I wanted to have “clearer skin and look good.” As a 13 year old that was my only reason. However, as I got older, I learned through school and research more about the immense benefits, both short term and long term, adopting a healthy lifestyle has on the mind and body.

As my passion for healthy living grew, I decided to major in health education with a concentration in public health in college. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Health Education and went on to receive a graduate certificate in health and wellness coaching, and then a license in massage therapy.

I find the practice of massage extremely beneficial for physical, mental, and emotional health and I love educating others on these benefits, as well as how nutrition,  physical activity, and mindfulness contributes to longevity and optimal health, hence why I decided to create this blog, Jacqui Naturals. Some may not be aware of the effects massage, certain foods or nutrients, and physical activities has on many ailments, and the proper functioning of the mind and body. So, I’m hoping this blog will be helpful to anyone interested in these topics.

Aside from blogging about massage therapy and healthy living, I do voice overs and I also love traveling, learning about different cultures, trying different foods, listening to music, and dancing!

Welcome to Jacqui Naturals! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will reply. You can also reach me at jacqueline@jacquinaturals.com.

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