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Does your Body Stop Absorbing Calcium After 30?

By Jacqueline / March 7th, 2017

About a year ago, I heard about the human body no longer being able to absorb calcium after the age of 30, making it crucial to consume our daily intake of calcium every day before turning 30 to avoid osteoporosis, and maintain bone health, even when we’re old. So would the consumption of calcium be a waste after this age? Though there’s some reason to believe this, the fact is that the irrelevance of calcium after turning 30 is untrue.

Peak bone mass is reached between the ages 25-30, which is when bones reach their maximum strength and density. According to massage author and advocate Mark F. Beck, until around the age of 35, the body builds bone density by storing various minerals, mostly calcium. After that, it begins to slowly demineralize, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. So, due to this, it is crucial to consume an adequate amount of calcium starting from a young age to prevent bone breaks, fractures, and other bone conditions, such as osteoporosis. However, calcium consumption is still essential in preserving the health and strength of the bones after reaching early to mid thirties.

Additionally, calcium assists in maintaining a healthy body by helping with proper nerve function, muscles building and contraction, cell membrane stability and permeability, as well as helping blood clot and maintaining a healthy heart.

Rich Sources of Calcium
Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt)
Calcium-fortified juices, rice milk, almond milk, bread and cereals
Canned fish (sardines and salmon)
Soy beans and soy products
Leafy greens (collard and turnip greens, spinach kale, okra)
Fruits (Rhubarb, blackcurrants, kumquats, oranges)

If a supplement is more ideal, New Chapter has a calcium supplement made from natural plant based calcium. New Chapter calcium also includes fermented Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 for a 3-in-1 complete formula that supports bone strength as well as joint mobility, and heart health.



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