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The Power of Fasting for Spiritual Health

By Jacqueline / February 28th, 2018

Fasting has been a fundamental practice in the history of most major religions, and is a normal part of a relationship with God. Depending on the religion, a fast can range from anywhere between a few hours to 40 days and can constituent any of the fasts mentioned in The Power of Fasting for Physical Health blog post.

Choosing to fast can be a personal choice or part of a religious practice during certain time(s) of the year. At this time of fast, people spend time in introspection and prayer, either desiring a closer, more intimate relationship with God and/or seeking answers or breakthroughs in their lives. With fasting, we are able to better hear the voice of God.

Biblically, the first recorded fast was of Moses who received the Ten Commandments during a 40 day fast as recorded in Exodus 34. Throughout the bible, there are accounts of both men and women who fasted to strengthen their bond with God, or to achieve healthy movement in areas of their lives that were stagnant or felt challenging. For example, when Hannah felt immense distress for not being able to have a child, she wept, fasted, and prayed, and was blessed with a son, Samuel.

Esther, knowing one of King Ahasuerus’ officials, Haman, had plans to kill and destroy the Jews decided to fast, with her maidens, and asked the Jews to do the same for 3 days and 3 nights so she could summon up the courage to go before the king and beg for mercy on behalf of her people. As a result, she was courageous, immediately obtained favor from the king, and destroyed any plans being plotted to have the Jews killed.

There’s also the account of the people  of Ninevah. When they heard what God had told Jonah about the calamity that would come on their city, they fasted with their king. During this time, they repented from their evil ways and prayed, and pleaded, to God to to show mercy on them. When God saw this, He indeed showed mercy and relented concerning the calamity, according to Jonah 3.

Throughout the old and new testament, counsel is given on fasting as a way of drawing closer to God, repenting of our sins, seeking direction over our lives, and obtaining healing and good health, among others. Jesus Christ set a great example when he voluntarily, after being baptized, embarked on a 40 day and 40 night fast, which after successfully completing as recorded in Mathew 4, strongly equipped him for a 3-year ministry that would change the world and continues to do so today. 

People all over the world, including my loved ones and I, have experienced powerful and effective results of fasting, prayer, and repentance. People have been released from a variety of issues pertaining to health, finances, addictions, disorders, a lack of relationship with God, and many others. Below are just a few testimonies of people who have been blessed through fasting.

Throughout much of my life I also had a negative faith. For nearly 25 years I held various positions In the church but finally one day the pressures of life’s responsibilities became so intense I tried to commit suicide by starvation. For 20 days I did not eat, but during that time I began to seek the Lord earnestly and He showed me the power that comes through fasting and prayer. Christ healed me of diabetes, insomnia, and hysteria, and He also took away my hatred and begrudging spirit. Then, at the age of 41, God called me to the Full Gospel Bible School in Seoul and made me a victorious pastor. – Yeong Dong Po Ku

I got pregnant after doing a daniels fast 5 yrs ago… The doctor told my husband that he wasn’t able to have anymore kids and when we came off of our fast we ended up finding out that we were expecting… that was 5yrs ago and we currently have 2kids after that fast. -Shrease Huff

For me, fasting has been the secret to obtaining open doors, miraculous provision, favor, and he tender touch of God upon my life I was on a three-day fast when God called me to preach. I was on a twenty-one-day fast when our ministry  received its first million-dollar gift…we went from obscurity to doors opening all over the world through the power of fasting.- Jentezen Frankling



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