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The Turn Around Restaurant Review

By Jacqueline / March 17th, 2017

As someone who strives to regularly eat healthy, I decided to stop by The Turn Around, a food joint that serves smoothies, vegan and non-vegan wraps, fajitas, burgers, quesadillas, salads, homemade soups, and sandwiches. The Turn Around “is committed to the highest quality fresh juices, smoothies, and power shots in Cookeville, TN.”

My Experience
On arrival, I noticed how small and somewhat plain the building was despite its orange color. I then found out it’s a family owned drive up restaurant. With only one car in front me, the wait was about 5 minutes before our turn to get our orders taken. Since the wait time was somewhat long for a drive thru, I took this as a good sign assuming the meals were fresh and being prepared from scratch instead of frozen and microwaved.

I ordered the vegan fajita with gluten-free tortilla wrap and a 4 oz smoothie called “The Burn.” My partner ordered the chicken fajita with organic tortilla wrap and “The Burn” in a 12 oz. Other fajita meats options are turkey (all natural, no nitrates), tuna, raw taco meat, and wild caught salmon.

My order (Vegan Fajita)– tomatoes, spring mix, sprouts, avocados, green peppers, spinach, black olives with gu
acamole and sour cream.
My partner’s order (Chicken Fajita)– chicken, tomatoes, spring mix, sprouts, avocados, green peppers, spinach, black olives with guacamole.
The Burn Smoothie- apple, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, and cayenne


Both meals looked and smelled amazing! Now the question was does it taste as good as it looks? My first bite was filled with flavorful, lightly seasoned veggies. The guacamole tasted fresh and creamy and so did the sour cream. My favorite part was the big chunks of avocados in my fajita. I was expecting the gluten-free tortilla to be somewhat hard/ stiff, however it was very soft and fresh tasting. Both the gluten-free and organic tortillas were delicious! My partner and I thought the chicken on his fajita was tender and lightly flavored.

The Burn smoothie had a unique taste. It was sweet, yet somewhat strong, without much of a spice despite the cayenne. Overall it had a light and refreshing taste.

Overall, I would have preferred both my fajita and smoothie to be spicier, since I love spicy foods. Both the vegan and chicken fajitas could have been a bit more seasoned as well, and at times the tomatoes were overbearing making it taste too tomatoey at some parts. Also, I would occasionally taste a hard, uncooked rice looking, ingredient (not sure what it was) in my fajita that I would bite into or get stuck in my teeth.

Though the smoothie is called the “The Burn” I didn’t feel much of a burn. I was expecting more of a spicy flavor but I tasted very little of the cayenne.

My Opinion
Overall, my experience at The Turn Around was positive. The family running the restaurant were friendly and respectful, and I appreciate that both the kids and parents are involved in the handling of different aspects of the business. There are so many options on the menu for all diets and they’re all freshly made, healthy, and nutritious. I also like the fact  that orders can be made online for pickup.

I will stop by The Turn Around again and try other options on the menu.


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